15-Iyl, 2020
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You guy seemed to really like the last video I posted with the 3000BHP drag so here is another one! This time we take it to have some drag racing and then after we goof on some cops. this was really fun to mess around.

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  • Treyton is better

    Isaac FoyIsaac Foy2 kun oldin
  • bro you need to learn how to change your gear ratio and sacrifice some of that acceleration for higher top speed

    Budget Boost DIYBudget Boost DIY3 kun oldin
  • which 5m server is this?

    Jackson VaughanJackson Vaughan4 kun oldin
  • Bruh if I had this in black in real life it’s a dream

    Fernando OrtegaFernando Ortega4 kun oldin
  • which server is this? I was looking on FiveM because I really do want to do carmeets in these crazy bois

  • 2500 hp are u high it's more like 1200 to 900

    NamiNami6 kun oldin
  • What car is that in normal gta V

  • I love this video have good day great job nice so cool be careful out there

    Michael TilleyMichael Tilley12 kun oldin
  • Definitely the most realistic car is gta for sure 💯😂

    Hutch Bunch RC ClubHutch Bunch RC Club15 kun oldin
  • What y'all play on

    vNoHxpe 140vNoHxpe 14017 kun oldin
  • A termi on Welds? Niceeeee

    Jose DiazJose Diaz18 kun oldin
  • Are these random people or just friends ?

    KollageKollage19 kun oldin
  • where to download that car? please?

    MackyTheGreatMackyTheGreat20 kun oldin
  • How to get people to see a fast car vid: 1. Get a model with gargantuan exposed engine 2. Open Lambda menu, select 2x torque multiplier or higher 3. Make a video 4. Entitle it with any high horsepower value 5. DONE

    NuggetNugget24 kun oldin
  • “It’s stock” 😂😂🤙🏻

    Kade HammonsKade Hammons24 kun oldin
  • The dumbass said it doesn't look like a mustang 🤣🤣🤣

    Devin ThompsonDevin Thompson25 kun oldin
  • I like how always just gets paid 500

    FN SpadeFN Spade25 kun oldin
  • I would love to see you build a car irl

    Variable-8Variable-825 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Matthew RichardsMatthew RichardsOy oldin
  • How did I not watch for a few months and you sound like a different human being

    Ashton SirenAshton SirenOy oldin
  • You are the definition of cop baiting

    dreamchaserz its a car thingdreamchaserz its a car thingOy oldin
  • At 4:50 U can see Lambda menu

    SmailyツSmailyツOy oldin

    Shadow The WolfShadow The WolfOy oldin
  • Hit me terminator fans. (If you know, you know.)

    Johnny FernandezJohnny FernandezOy oldin
  • Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness

    DrewDrewOy oldin
  • When i see my dream car i click like

    WaxierSteam7WaxierSteam7Oy oldin
  • None of this rp server seems ligit at all lol

    ExertExertOy oldin
  • Is it whitelisted?

    SalutemeboSalutemeboOy oldin
  • Ahh yes the beautiful new edge mustang 😍

    Turtle HomieTurtle HomieOy oldin
  • Sounds like kwebblekob

    xKRYPTIK pro gaming.xKRYPTIK pro gaming.Oy oldin
  • he put r/t on a ford 😂

    bwa jonathanbwa jonathanOy oldin
  • How to play roleplay on ps4

    julien Youssefjulien YoussefOy oldin
  • Real question how do u guys do this on gta get real life things

    BenJyy GBGBenJyy GBGOy oldin
  • Jet powered speedtail

    Tristan WelliverTristan WelliverOy oldin
  • 5:46 "scheiße"

    X Sempai XX Sempai XOy oldin
  • how can i play that mod ?

    Fadil BatqFadil BatqOy oldin
  • bro can you please do more drag races

    Zill KamZill KamOy oldin
  • Acab people watching this like 👨‍🦯

    JacksonJacksonOy oldin
  • I don't know how the hell I didn't find you guys before now. You guys are ridiculous and I love it. You guys have a new fan.

    Don BroylesDon BroylesOy oldin
  • Bruh how an engine like that make just 2200

    Kool Kidz klub or Mr. PotatoKool Kidz klub or Mr. PotatoOy oldin